the most controversial person who is born with the ability to move and control objects or natural elements around his mind


Ilustration natural element controller in the real world

In this world, it turns out that there are many people who claim that they have the ability to move, and controlling objects, or natural elements around it with just a thought. A few of them even got it from birth. The power known as telekinesis includes one of the most controversial abilities that is still a phenomenon, which cannot be explained scientifically. The following are 10 people born with the ability to control the elements of nature surrounding.

Debby Wolf 

In England there was a woman who claimed that she could turn the lights on and off with the power of his mind, He is Debby Wolf from brighten England. He has streetlight interference syndrome or known as SLI. her abilities are triggered by her high emotions, so whenever Debby feels depressed or excited, his mind emits energy that can interfere with the performance of electrical equipment and even make light Street lights become bright, dim. Its strength has been tested in a laboratory that could make experts become very confused made.

Ina Kalugina

This woman from Russia is one of the people who is famous for her telekinetic abilities. he confessed got that strength from his mother. Ina Kalugina first realized about her strength, when she was angry, and objects around it can suddenly move. Kalugina once made a splash, because of abilities his telekinesis, being able to make a frog's heartbeat stop in front of scientists at the Unilab laboratory Russia. He admitted that he needed to meditate for a few moments to gather his telekinetic powers.

Biba Struja

It is claimed that this man from Serbia cannot be electrocuted, in fact, on the contrary, this man is actually capable drain electricity from his body without feeling anything. this strange super ability he has since childhood, and to date. He is able to make his body an insulator, conductor, accumulator, and heater. With a rare talent that he had, people nicknamed him the electric man. At the age of 26 he wrote his name in the world's prestigious event, namely the Guinness Book of Records. With a challenge, hold the mains voltage of 20,000 volts. And since then his name began to be widely known by the public, often invited to events television and his name graced the newspapers.

Liew Thow Lin

Known as a human magnet because of his extraordinary abilities. In order to still tie the metal object to his body, after conducting in-depth medical research at the Malaysian University of Technology, Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood, who who is a lecturer, as well as a professor, said that this ability might be related to the nature of deep suction the skin. Doctoral Professor Muhammad Amin alias from the UTM Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Johor confirmed this, after watching Liew do some simple tests, it was found that he did have some traits magnetic. A hammer, a nail, even a kitchen knife,r easily attach without any help.

Benedetto Supino

Starting in 1982, when the comic book he was reading in the dentist's waiting room suddenly lit up, since At that time, he and his family were surprised by several fires, tables, chairs, and various other items burned every time Benedetto passed it. This includes sheets, and bedding, or other items mainly holds books. Likewise with the goods that he looked at seriously, as ever happened to a plastic object held by his uncle. Such an ability made Benedetto feel deeply embarrassed and even depressed. 

While scientists are not able to do much to help him. some doctors who once investigated said, the possibility of abnormality in people who have the ability to awaken Even high-voltage electricity can't find any explanation Behind all the fires. Benedetto only pinned his hopes on psychologists trying to teach him how to control that ability.

Natasha Demkina

His parents found him unique when he was 10 years old. One day he told his mother about the structure of the human body. Being still a child, and not knowing medical terms, Natasha described that the kidneys are like peas, and in the human stomach, many pipelines. His mother was frightened, he was then taken to the doctor. In fact, the doctor was surprised because Natasha's explanation was so detailed, even though she didn't understand medical terms. Several doctors were summoned, this little girl then explained that she could detect bacterial cells, even viruses, in a person's body. Since that time, Natasha has become famous. People in Russia call it X_RAI girl. Japanese scientists were interested and invited him to Tokyo. One of the male patients was seen by Natasha, and it was said that the patient had an undulating curvature of the spine. Japanese scientists then photographed the patient with the X_RAI machine and it was seen that the photo results were very similar to the results of Natasha's diagnosis. Not only are his eyes transparent, it turns out that he can also see disease, even if it's only through photos. One of the scientists came with someone's passport, after Natasha saw it in a few minutes, he said that the person in the passport photo had liver cancer.

Ben Underwood

People who are able to identify the environment around them by making clicking sounds, which will later be reflected back to themselves and will be immediately drawn in their minds. And that clicking sound is not an ordinary clicking sound, instead that person is able to emit an ultrasonic sound like an animal, in this case, a dolphin or a bat in identifying its environment. Another name for this ability is Sonykinesis, and the people who have this ability are the Underwood band. He showed his ability in a TV show, and Bend himself was a person who was born with a congenital defect, namely unable to see from birth, but he was accidentally able to click his tongue and visualize his surroundings from the click into his mind.

Zhang Deke

this 71 year old man has a natural ability to attract magnetic objects, he can make heavy metal objects stick to his skin, can even attract a car. Zhang Deke's magnetic abilities were also passed down genetically to Zhang's three grandchildren. This retired man from a toll road worker in China has the ability to make his body a 220 Volt electric conductor, which is able to withstand the electric voltage flowing through his body without experiencing side effects, and can control the flow of electricity. Zhang Deke once also hung 6 lamps that lights up instantly. He can even set the light brightness according to his wishes.

Uri Geller

Different again with the story of the world's most famous Telekinesis expert Uri Geller. Thanks to the attraction of bending spoons, his career shot up and made him frequently appear on television shows and world magazines. Uri Geller admitted that he got the power of Telekinesis from Supernatural creatures. This statement actually made many scientists want to test Uri Geller's supernatural abilities. And the most impressive is a video of Uri Geller trying to bend the iPhone 6 with his Telekinesis powers.

John Chang

He is an Indonesian of Chinese descent. John Chang is a Telekinesis, Pairokinesis, Telepath and other abilities. Chang's ability was not obtained automatically, but through training that was honed over a long period of time, namely 18 years. besides that JJohn Chang is also said to have mastered acupuncture and Taichi techniques. He also mastered a school called Naikung, which harmonizes the Ying and Yang flows and to enhance the Yingnya flows with breathing techniques.